Simplified Setup Process

For an effortless start with a new Zapp application, we suggest using create-zapp-app. This tool automatically configures your setup.

To initiate a new project, execute:

npx create-zapp-app@latest

During the setup, you will encounter prompts such as:

āœ” What is the name of your project? my-app
āœ” Which Zapp do you want to use? @zappjs/next-zapp

Once you complete these prompts, create-zapp-app will establish a new folder named after your project and handle the installation of necessary dependencies. In the provided example, the chosen Zapp is @zappjs/next-zapp, which is designed to install a code generator specifically for Next.js applications.

Try It Out

To experience Zapp firsthand, navigate into the newly created directory and run:

npm run generate